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Roll back on Boer bucks

By pinoyfarmer | March 7, 2011
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Roll back on Boer bucks

One piece of good news we just learned is that the major breeders of Boer goats have rolled back their prices on purebred bucks in an attempt to encourage the use of purebred animals to improve the body size and meat quality of the existing native and other imported breeds in the country.

Rene Almeda of Alaminos Goat Farm in Alaminos, Laguna, had just informed us while we were preparing this page that he had decided to reduce the price of purebred Boer bucks. What used to sell for P24,000 to P30,000 per head has been reduced by half, from P12,000 to P15,000 per head. And the other good news, he said, is that another competitor has followed suit.

He said, however, that the purebred female Boer goats are still priced at P24,000 per head.

The move to reduce the prices of purebred Boer goats is hoped to enable more goat raisers to use purebreds to upgrade their stocks. The government could then buy locally bred purebred animals instead of importing from abroad what it needs in its goat improvement program. It is very essential that purebreds should be used to improve the local animals. If a buck of mixed blood is used, the resulting progenies may not be as uniform as when a purebred animal is used.

What is needed now is to improve the weight of animals for slaughter so that the raisers will be able to increase their incomes from their animals. The native goats usually weigh an average of 18 kilos at slaughter time. If the animals could be improved to 30 to 50 kilos at maturity, the income could be doubled. At present, the live weight price of slaughter goats is P120 per kilo. And so the going average price per head is just about P2,400 to P2,800.

Almeda says that it has been proven that the Boer goat will greatly improve the size and meat quality of the offspring of the native and other breeds now raised by local farmers. In Australia, he said, theBoer goat was used to sire the feral goats there and now that country is the biggest exporter of goat’s meat to the United States.

Written by Zac Sarian

Source: Manila Bulletin

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