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Raising Seedlings by the Wetbed Method

By goGreen | October 30, 2011
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  1. Locate an area near a water source which is exposed to full sunlight. A total of 350-500 sq.m of seedbed area is needed to grow enough seedlings to plant 1 hectare of rice paddy.
  2. Prepare the seedbed 30-35 days before the scheduled time of transplanting. Plow and harrow the field thoroughly

Prepare the seedbed

3. Construct raised seedbeds — 1.5 m wide, 4-5 cm high and of any convenient length.

Construct raised seedbeds

4. Sow the pregerminated seeds uniformly at 1 kg/10 sq.m.

Sow the pregerminated seeds

5. After 4 days, irrigate the seedbed about 23 cm deep end gradually increase the water level to 5 cm to control weeds and to make pulling of seedlings easier.

Irrigate the seedbed

6. If you observe nitrogen deficiency (yellowing of the lower leaves) broadcast 50-100 9 ammonium sulfate/sq.m or 2040 9 urea/sq.m of seedbed 10 days after sowing. Protect the seedlings from carabaos, rats and birds.

Protect the seedlings

7. The seedlings are ready for transplanting at the following days:

- 16 days for varieties which mature in 115 days
- 20 days for varieties which mature in 116-125 days
- 25 days for varieties which mature in 126 days or more

Increase the water depth to 10 cm the day before pulling the seedlings. When pulling, hold the seedlings close to the base to avoid injury. Wash the roots carefully and do not strike the seedlings against hard objects to remove the mud as this will shock them.

Increase the water depth to 10 cm

SOURCE: Low-external Input Rice Production (IIRR, 292 p.)

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