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How to make Pastillas de Saging (Banana Tablets)

By pinoyfarmer | October 12, 2008
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  1. Boil ripe Saba, then peel and slice to 3-cm thick.
  2. Prepared half a cup of water for every two cups of sliced banana and 300 grams sugar
    for every kilo of the same. Mix and mash the ingredients and cook in low heat while
    mixing until the ingredients become uniform, shiny, and no longer stick to tha pan.
  3. Tranfer the mixture to a kneading board covered with wax paper and with sugar sprinkled
    over it. Press with a long rolling pin until the mixture becomes 1-cm thick, then add butter
    and sugar according to taste. Slice to piece 4 cm x 4 cm thick. Let cool before packing in
    candy wrappers.

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